Our environmental commitments

Our Social & Ecological Commitment

We are delighted to welcome you to our establishment.
From the outset, respect for the environment has been at the heart of our business. For ourselves, for you and for future generations, we do our utmost to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment.

Raising awareness among our teams and customers

  • Our environmental manager has undergone specific training on the challenges of sustainable tourism, environmental preservation and CSR.
  • Our teams are trained in the eco-gestures to be observed in their daily tasks.
  • We choose our service providers and suppliers on the basis of their sustainable and social commitments.

You can contribute to our approach 

  • You can opt for a more eco-responsible approach by choosing to hang your bathroom linen on the pegs or towel dryer, thus avoiding daily washing. If not, our team will systematically replace the towels left on the floor.
  • Bed linen will only be changed if requested at reception or by calling 9.
  • To reduce your energy consumption, please maintain your room temperature at a maximum of 22°C in winter and a minimum of 22°C in summer for air conditioning.
  • Our hotel has waste sorting garbage cans in the lobby, so you can sort your own garbage.

We save water & energy

  • We have installed water economizers/pressure reducers on taps and showers so as not to deplete the resource.
  • We read our water and electricity meters every month to better manage our consumption.
  • We replace every light bulb with an LED or low-energy bulb, and have already fitted more than 75% of our lighting.
  • All our lighting is LED, which means energy savings and similar comfort for our customers.
  • We have installed presence detectors and timers in common areas and corridors to limit energy wastage.

We limit & sort waste

  • We have set up several selective sorting points; all our rentals are equipped with a pre-collection bag.
  • We work with a majority of products in bulk or in large packaging to limit unnecessary packaging.
  • We sort all types of waste, even bio-waste, for recycling in a methanization plant for redistribution to local players.
  • We develop our partnerships to have products in large packaging to limit unnecessary packaging.
  • We offer only reusable, recyclable and environmentally-friendly products.
  • We have set up displays to assist our customers and employees in sorting waste and complying with local regulations.

We care about the well-being of our customers

  • The products used to clean our rooms and common areas are all eco-labelled, which means better air quality and fewer health risks.
  • Our establishment is completely non-smoking.

Our entire team has been trained on these measures, so don't hesitate to ask them questions. Your visit to the Biskui Hotel helps us to fight against the degradation of our environment!


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